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The History Of Porn

The History of Porn Videos Got Its Start With Erotic Literature

How did we get to live adult streaming services? For many years, erotica was considered a dirty little secret. People have to hide popular novels that come with lucid covers in hidden closets where no one could have stumbled upon them. With the rise of self-publishing, erotic romance novels have made their way to the mainstream.

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As such, it made it easier for the readers to get their hands on complex yet well-written adult stories. This post on erotic romantic novels sheds light on how the genre developed and flourished. So, continue reading to find out its history and modern-day conception.


No wonder, the erotic romance genre has been around for thousands of years. Lately, it has evolved more thanks to the self-publishing industry. As a result, the novels were introduced to readers in a new and exciting way. Precisely, erotic romantic novels are classified as nonfictional or fictional stories aimed at sexually arose readers.

In the Western world, erotica came in almost every era. You can find them in ancient Roman texts books and drawings from the mid ages. However, it started to develop during the 18th century with the inception of the novel. Despite using nonfictional erotic content that people used to read, authors started to write explicit content.

One of the best examples should be the classic Fanny Hill, which is a critically acclaimed novel. Later, erotica became quite popular during the Victorian era. That was the period when moralistic beliefs dominated common culture. As such, erotic romance novels became taboo.

Also, they were treated low brow and it resulted in poorly written pieces. It was during the beginning of the twentieth century that erotic romantic novels started to gain popularity. Several prominent writers like Kate Chopin, Nabokov, and Henry Miller began to publish explicit novels through traditional means.

After that, erotic romance stories were embraced by mainstream culture. During that period, popular writers got themselves immersed in this genre. The Sleeping Beauty Quartet by Anne Rice is a great example. With the advent of the internet, it brought with it communities where people could post their erotic stories.

Combined with e-books and the self-publishing industry, erotic novels have become more accessible than ever before. Besides, they were prolifically written instead of being explicit. Also, it is important to note that the perception of erotic romantic novels has changed drastically and can change by generation.

Within the broad spectrum of the internet, genres are expanding significantly. Readers can explore the erotic romance genre in a way that’s more public than before thanks to Amazon self-publishing and fan appreciation sites. That way, taboo topics are more normalized and beginning to feel more mainstream.


Previously, the difference between erotic romance and X-rated content was vividly clear. These days, the lines between them are so blurred that sometimes it is not possible to differentiate the categories of literature commonly found in retail stores and popular online stores.

People looking for good old erotic romance have to go through the pages of a book to skip that contains X-rated content. Whereas, people looking for X-rated content have to sort through the pages to filter out erotic romance and find what they want.

While it’s confusing and frustrating at the same time, you should know the differences. For erotic romance, you can say that it is a combination of romance and erotic. However, romances that come with a high steam factor like explicit sex scenes fall into this category.

Still, the overall focus of erotic romance literature lies in the story of how the leading characters find themselves entangled in love. X-rated content, on the other hand, is writing about events that result in sexual arousal. There is nothing beyond that. Still, many books with detailed sex scenes aren’t porn as well.

The sex scenes in erotic romance novels have a definite purpose that depends on the characters and plot. On the contrary, the purpose of the storyline in X-rated content exists only to give the characters a good reason to indulge in sexual activities.


With the advancements in technology, anyone can get erotic romance stories and books at ease. Kobo, Google, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon are some of the best places where you can get your favorite erotic romance novels hassle-free.

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