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15 Fun Ways On How To Ask A Girl For Nudes

How To Ask a Girl For Nudes / How To Get A Girl To Send Nudes

How To Ask A Girl For Nudes or Sexy Pictures: With the confidence and respect that come with sending sexy pictures, it’ll be vital to understand the appropriate way to request them. Ensure the process involves consent, trust, and respect with your girl to offer a comfortable way of exchanging naughty photos. This article outlines a stepwise process on how to ask your girlfriend for dirty pictures.

How to get a girl to send nudes – Swapping sexy photos and flirtatious sexting are common fun ways to enhance your relationship. Besides sharing nudes being an effective way to enhance your sexual anticipation, it helps light your tedious workday and elevate your moods. Experts reveal that asking your girlfriend to send you her nudes and sexy photos can be interesting if you don’t sound like a creep. But how can you achieve it?

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How To Ask For Nudes Without Being Creepy

So to answer the question of how to get a girl to send you nudes without coming across as creepy first understand that it is a process. The number one factor is not just randomly asking for nudes from strangers or going from the friend zone directly into asking for nudes from a girl. The bottom line is that it is a process you build into so let’s cover the steps.

Step 1. Choose the Appropriate Time or Environment

Before proceeding to the conversation, it’ll be vital to consider the appropriate time and mood for the conversation. Sexting and swapping nude pictures come with affection and sexual desires making it wise to consider the moments. Ask your girl where she is to avoid getting or making it hard for her to concentrate.

Besides making her lose concentration, requesting sexy pictures in an improper setting or environment might lead to rejection. Preferably, ensure that you choose the appropriate environment and time. The best time will be when you’re both relaxing in bed or couch watching your favorite show.

Step 2. Start a Normal Text Conversation

The basic step of requesting sexy pictures from your partner is to start a normal conversation with your lover. Since you’re lovers, you can move on from the casual texting conversation. For instance, consider opening with a PG selfie with no suggestiveness or nudity. Ensure that you get her attention with an exciting topic.

You can include playful comments or captions, such as “ I wish we were relaxing somewhere together.” Besides sexting or when seeking sexy photos, having a strong opener will be vital; don’t be a boring partner. The opening conversation will get your girl into a proper receptive and warm mood.

Step 3. Compliment Your Girl

Making your girl feel wanted and attractive will be vital before requesting sexy photos. You can first consider complimenting her on a non-sexual or something specific to make her feel special. For instance, tell her about her sparkling eyes and the killer smile that switches you off. You can also start getting somehow sappy at this point.

Getting her sappy and complimenting will prevent her from thinking you have a specific reason for texting her. Consider telling her about the different things you miss about her. I miss your voice or sound; it’s very quiet over here”I miss how your attractive hair face hits my face when making a ponytail. Ensure you let her know why you miss her and why you’re craving her.

Step 4. Request for a PG Photo or Selfie

You can start getting or warming up your content after initiating a conversation. If you’d send a selfie or PG photo, it’ll be the best time or chance for the girl to respond. You can prompt your girl to reply with a selfie by sending her appropriate and enticing messages. “Would you consider showing me your attractive faces that mix my feelings?”

Studies show that these cute photos and selfies will be vital in shifting the conservation moods towards risque photos later. Nevertheless, to succeed in this idea, you must consider your girlfriend’s circumstances. Your girl may not have the time to check your photo and reply with a snap photo or text when working on a sensitive duty.

Step 5. Create a Long lasting Romantic Conversation

Besides requesting a selfie, it’ll be wise to establish a long-lasting romantic conversation. The best way to enhance a successful and longer conversation is by continuing with a usual or casual conversation if she isn’t able to send a picture or selfie. Jumping to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to send you the photos will be wrong. It’ll be wise to keep the casual conversation and try another time when the girl is in a flirtier mood.

How To Ask For Nudes

As you can see, this is a process. So to answer the question of how to get a girl to send you nudes and be successful at it one of the biggest factors is timing. Not just in how long you’ve known each other but also there are other factors that we will address below in steps six and beyond.

Step 6. Wait For the Appropriate Time or Moment to Shift the Conversation

It’ll be wise to wait for an appropriate moment or time to shift the conversation to a sexy or intimate one. You can consider shifting the conversation after a few hours of casual chatting. Studies show that late evening is the best time to switch from casual chatting or communication. It’ll be the best time, as you’ll all be getting ready to rest or go to bed.

You can maximize the opportunity by slowly working through the X-rated pictures. You’ll be on the right track when you find your girl leading the racy texts or active even after switching the conversation. Consider wading through the mundane to get a sexy reward rather than getting suggestive soon and ruining your chance. You can consider shooting your shoot next time if she is not giving in to the hotter topic.

Step 7. Get Your Girl in the Moods by Initiating Dirty Talking

Engaging in playful sexting will be appropriate for making nude photo advancements. You can gradually start inserting sexy thoughts or headlines to stimulate the feeling. Consider having funny innuendos or providing witty replies to the texts. Ensure that you make it gradual and classy to avoid boring your girl or the girl putting you off.

Besides making it gradual, ensure that you make it playful and focus the whole process on her. Concentrating too much on the photos will make your conversation very suggestive and increase the chances of the girl declining your request. You can consider phrases like “ I am lonely in my bed. What should I do, my dear.” Alternatively, try out sending a suggestive GIF or meme to bring things to light.

Step 8. Go First with a Suggestive Photo

If sexting isn’t your thing, send her a suggestive and attractive photo to heat the process or conversation. Sending your photo first will be vital in building vulnerability and trust. Besides building trust, ensure that you choose an attractive photo that can help get your girl hot and within the topics.

Experts advise that you keep the photo appropriate and subtle. Remember, at this point; you shouldn’t be aiming at becoming explicit totally. Below are some of the best photo choices you can consider for the step or moment:

● Try a selfie while showering or when in your towel

● A gym selfie with little muscle or skin showing

● Have a caption it’s warm over here that I can’t wear shorts,’ then attach a shirtless photo.

Step 9. Ask If She Can Share More Intimate Photos

Consider moving the conversation faster after sending some dirty talk or selfies. Going straight to the point will be the best way to understand if she’s comfortable. You can ask her if she is comfortable sharing her intimate photo or if she wants you to share more. If your girl isn’t in the mood, she’ll ask you to send another picture or a more revealing one.

You can consider prompting your girl with a racier photo in the lines when having dirty talking. Remember to ask your lady if you aren’t sure of the photo-sharing boundaries. You can ask if there are certain things she is unwilling to share or show in the photo. Asking and communicating with her will be vital to ensure that you’re all on the same page.

Step 10. Request for the Photos

After getting her view on the photos and the things she can’t reveal to you, it’ll be wise to request the photo they find safe to share. Compiling the photos she’s sending will be vital to have the best chance of asking for more sexy or nude photos. When receiving the photos, don’t show disgust for her sending inappropriate pictures you didn’t intend to get.

Step 11. Send an Affirming and Enticing Reply to the Photos

Ensure that you make your girl understand that you’re appreciative and attracted to her. You can show your girl you appreciate her through complimentary messages or replies. Remember, when replying to messages or photos, avoid objectifying her or being vulgar. Studies show that demanding different body parts or poses will also be a big turn-off.

Besides having a proper and affirmative reply, ensure that you provide the reply in time to avoid leaving her hanging. Choose a sexy and thoughtful comment and reply immediately to her photos to make her feel appreciated and make her send more. You can consider messages like you’re very sexy, I can wait to see these in person” or “I can’t believe I am dating or seeing such a gorgeous lady.”

Step 12. Ensure you Create trust

Before your girlfriend shares sexy pictures or nudes, ensure you build enough trust. Many ladies may avoid sending their sexy pictures because they fear the photos leaking out. Some may fear their partner sharing the photos on social media or showing another person. Thus, it’ll be vital to try and win her trust before receiving the photos.

You can create trust by telling your girl that you’ll delete the pictures after the conversation. Creating or making the lady trust you is one of the best ways how to ask a girl for sexy pictures and receive positive feedback. Your girlfriend will be more than willing to share more sex pictures and nudes.

Step 13. Keep the Photos Safe

Most ladies usually like to have privacy and keep their photos sexy pictures from third-party access. Besides your girlfriend’s preferences, sharing a person’s nudes or sexy photos without their consent is inappropriate and unkind. Your girl may stop sending you the photo or break up if you breach the privacy law.

Thus, you can consider ways to keep the nudes or photos private and free from leaks. You can consider passwords on your device or delete the photos after viewing them. Alternatively, consider using appropriate applications like Snapchat that deletes the photos automatically a few seconds after receiving them.

Step 14. Only Send a Dick Photo If she Consents to One

Sexting and wapping sexy pictures will be enjoyable and good enough when you and your girlfriend have agreed to share the photos. Remember, your girlfriend may send you her photo for various reasons. You girl might send the sexy photo to make her feel confident and empowered and even arouse you.

Due to the different reasons for the girl sending you the sexy photos, they might not need your photos in return. Thus, it’ll be vital to understand if your girl wants to see your photos in return after sending theirs.

When asking for their consent to sending your photos, it’ll be fine to consider appropriate means to avoid killing the moods. For instance, you can ask her if she’s willing to see what the photo has done to you or consider other cunning methods.

Step 15. Respect Your Girlfriend’s Boundaries

The decision of a girl to send her nudes or sexy pictures depends on her. Therefore, you must be prepared to accept the outcome of your request. Acknowledge her feelings and consider apologizing if the lady shoots the request down. It’ll be wise to proceed with casual talks or conversations without sounding rude or pushy.

Being calm and avoiding being rude can make the lady change her mind about her decision and send you the sexy photos later. You can try the following reply phrases, “No problem, I was thinking that it might be exciting to try this in our relationship. Am sorry.” Besides providing the lady with a second thought on your issue, staying respectful is vital to keeping your relationship at peace.

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How To Get A Girl To Send You Dirty Pictures

Wrapping Up

Exchanging your sexy photos and sexting offers the best way to spice up your marriage or relationship. Besides the benefits and enjoyment of sharing nudes with your loved ones, it’ll be vital to understand the steps of asking for these sexy photos. Understanding the process ensures you win your girlfriend’s trust and makes it easy for her to send you the photos. Above is a comprehensive stepwise process on how to ask a girl for sexy pictures.

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