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How To Ask For Sex Without Using The Word Sex 7 Easy Ways

How To Ask For Sex Without Using The Word Sex 7 Easy Ways

How To Ask For Sex Without Using The Word Sex 7 Easy Ways we are going to discuss in this article to get you to those happy endings! Many people find it difficult or even impossible to use sexual language in their relationships. And that’s okay! There are plenty of ways to communicate your desires and intentions with your partner, and if you don’t want to be explicit about what you want, there are other words you can use. This article will shed light on some alternative phrases that can help you avoid saying sex outright. Note: not all these alternatives will work for every situation, but they might help you get your point across.

Ways to Ask for Sex without Saying Sex

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Here is a list of proven mood enhancements to ask for sex without actually asking for sex. We will explore them all throughout this article.

  • Touch Stimulating Areas
  • Kiss Works Wonders
  • Bath or Take a Shower Together
  • Send Naughty Messages
  • Massage Your Spouse
  • Candlelight Dinner with Wine
  • Ask To Cuddle
  • Dress In Sexy Clothes
  • Compliment Her
  • Use Humor – Make Her Laugh
  • Spend Quality Time Together
  • Go On A Date Night
  • Sleep Naked – Come To Bed Naked
  • Touch Your Wife Between the Legs

Sex Touch Stimulating Areas

One way to get someone interested in having sex is by touching their sensitive spots. A light caress around their genital area can be enough to make them more receptive to your advances. Lightly stroking or massaging a woman’s breasts will also work, stimulating her nipples and clitoris.

Doing some non-sexual body exploration, such as kissing and licking their neck, will also build up sexual tension. Use your hands, mouth, and tongue to explore every inch of their skin. Focusing on these things instead of directly asking for sex makes it less awkward if they say no or want to stop at any point during the act.

Kiss Works Wonders

Kissing is another great way to have a good time without discussing sex. If you’re feeling a little insecure, just think about how happy the other person will feel when they realize what an amazing kisser you are. Kiss also has the added benefit of turning into something more intimate. So, while you don’t need words to tell your partner what you want, a well-placed kiss can often do the trick. Foreplay starts with sensual kisses that lead to intense french kisses.

Make out with them passionately and see where it goes from there! Playful biting may seem scary but people find it highly erotic because it creates a momentary pain/pleasure dynamic. Try nibbling on their earlobe or lip or gently biting down on one side of their neck. It sounds like the most basic thing, but moaning will only escalate the excitement for both parties involved.

Bath or Take a Shower Together

Did you know that taking a shower together is also a great activity for two people who want to play around? You don’t need to explicitly mention anything dirty – all you have to do is take off your clothes and enjoy yourself under the warm water. While it might not sound romantic at first glance, many couples find that doing so heightens their arousal and makes foreplay easier after getting clean together.

Here Are Other Ways You Can Ask For Sex Without Mentioning Sex

Send Naughty Messages

No one can resist a naughty message. Dirty texts are a great way of letting your guy know you’re feeling horny and ready to do some raunchy things together. For instance, saying something like I want you so bad right now. While they’re at work will surely get them thinking about you as soon as they clock out and log off their computer. Be careful; you don’t want to come off too strong or desperate.

A few playful flirts here and there should be enough to keep her on the edge of her seat and excited for the next move. As long as you’re clear and concise, she should understand and be willing to go along. Remember that sex and naughty messages go hand in hand, so be creative, and you’ll never fail.

Massage Your Spouse

Let’s face it – everyone loves a good massage. It’s an effective way to relax and de-stress after a long day, plus they feel amazing. You may not know that your partner can interpret your message as flirtatious gestures or sexual overtures, depending on how you do it. Try a classic tantric or yoni massage if you’re serious about getting laid.

This involves applying pressure and circular strokes to the woman’s vulva, usually with oil. It can be performed on your partner, either clothed or unclothed, which will increase the level of intimacy between you two. After a good session of yoni massage, it’s common for partners to feel relaxed and more aroused than before.

More Ways On How to Ask for Sex without Using the Word Sex

Candlelight Dinner with Wine

One surefire way to ask your wife for sex even when your partner is mad is by planning a candlelit dinner and serving wine. That’s all you need to do, and she’ll be in the mood. Just ensure you get good quality food, like sushi or filet mignon, so your meal tastes as good as it smells. And don’t forget to have dessert ready, too – some chocolate-dipped strawberries or cherry pie should do the trick. It doesn’t matter what you say during dinner; just enjoy the time together.

The conversation will flow naturally when she’s relaxed and has had a glass of wine (or two). When you’re done eating, and there’s nothing left on either of your plates, tell her how much you love her; then just pull out a chair for her next to yours and take her hand. She’ll know what to do from there.

Ask To Cuddle

You may also want to ask your partner if they want to cuddle before heading off to bed. With a little foreplay, this can easily lead to full-fledged intercourse. But make sure you are feeling sexy and confident before making this move. Sex isn’t always spontaneous and can require work sometimes, but it’s worth it when both partners are satisfied. The key to an exciting, long-lasting relationship is being open about what you want and who you are. Try not to be afraid of confrontation because it gets easier over time. Remember, communication makes everything better.

Dress In Sexy Clothes

Another way you can ask your wife for sex is by wearing sexy, revealing clothes. While all women look beautiful in their unique way, if you want to show off your style or accentuate a certain body part, let her know! This works especially well on anniversaries or special occasions when you want to make it extra special. Just try not to go overboard with corsets and other constrictive undergarments because they can be uncomfortable and unsafe.

How to Ask Your Wife For Sex

Different from a new love or even a girlfriend is kindling sex with your wife at times it can be a challenge for many different reasons. If it’s been a while since you’ve had sex it can be awkward. Here are some great ways to break the ice and rekindle the romance.

Compliment Her

Complimenting your wife is a great way to let her know that you are attracted to her and will boost your self-esteem. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are desired, so use those words wisely.

Use Humor

If you feel things are becoming too serious and intense, try joking about something sexy. Don’t overdo it, though, because if your spouse has doubts about whether or not they want to have sex with you, this might cause them to make up their mind before you do.

Spend Quality Time Together

Time spent in conversation can be a huge turn-on, but sometimes what’s needed is physical intimacy. Spending time doing activities together (exercising, reading, watching TV) can lead to sexual desire. Remember that quality time does not mean going out to dinner at an expensive restaurant – just spending some time together. Taking your spouse out of their comfort zone by engaging in an activity you both enjoy may spark some new sparks.

Go On a Date Night

If you haven’t gone on a date night in a while, now may be a good time. Remember: dates are not only about romantic evenings out. A movie at home, a picnic, or even a simple walk in nature can be an awesome way to reconnect with your spouse and experience something new together.

Sleep Naked

Studies have shown that sleepwear can increase people’s sexual desire. As silly as it might sound, wearing less actually makes you more aroused and more confident. So, try sleeping naked and experience a new level of intimacy with your spouse. It is worth a shot, right? Sleeping naked gives you the confidence to talk dirty, be kinky and show off your goods. You will also get a sneak peek of all the sexy underthings your significant other has been hiding from you.

Touch Your Wife Between the Legs

If you want her to be more open about wanting sex, make it easy for her. Your wife knows that if she wants your attention, she needs to give you signs. Give her a sign by subtly caressing her thighs or touching her between the legs. This makes it easier and faster for her to know what you are trying to do. She might need reassurance that you really want to have sex with her, so give it to her verbally or through touch. Most importantly, never go straight for the breasts!

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Final Word

In short, there are many different ways to ask for sex without ever saying the word sex. Waiting can seem like an easy fix, but if this has never happened before and you’re still together after all these years, maybe they’re shy or don’t know how to initiate it in a way that feels good to both of you. It’s also worth noting that people have different preferences, so even if your partner doesn’t want it too often, sometimes just one night might be enough. You might also try asking them what they want instead of making assumptions about what would be best for them.

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