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How To Get In A Girl Pants 11 Fun Ways

How To Get In A Girl Pants

How To Get In A Girl Pants – 11 Fun Ways. Girls are indeed different, but there are several human characteristics that most girls like and maybe even subconsciously expect when it comes to sexual interludes, let’s cover the best 11 things to do if you want to know how to get in girl pants.

Most guys see beautiful women as unobtainable. We question our own looks. The amount of money in our bank accounts. Our pedigree. Whether we are popular or not. Most of these things men don’t understand are the same thoughts that go threw most women’s minds but they do respond differently than most men when it comes to being attracted to a desirable guy and what they do about it.

Where a beautiful woman can simply go out of her way to make sure she is being noticed, and that literally is all it takes to get most men’s attention. You don’t need to be a good-looking guy in order to have the best game.

However, some of the hottest girls still only need some of the smallest things to happen to have them become attracted to you. You don’t need to be the hottest guy in the room to get the most beautiful girls. We’ve all seen some of the most butt ugly guys who still pull 10s. Not only that, they’re able to flip more women than I can count. Wait, what? He MUST be doing something right. But what is his secret?

How To Get In A Girl Pants – Here Are Steps That Make It Happen

  1. Become familiar with her. If you know you will be interacting with the girl in the future. The first step is just being around her. Exchange names and interests. If it’s your first meeting, as the man, ask open-ended questions so that she gets to speak a lot about herself. You, however, give complete answers, whole sentences but leave some things about yourself unsaid.
  2. After breaking the ice with a girl, a great approach is to walk away or leave but make sure she knows you look forward to seeing her again. For whatever reason, women like the mystery of men, and leaving her with more questions than answers is a great way to be able to strike up a new conversation when you two meet again.
  3. Humour – Make her laugh. The fact that you can make a girl laugh is one of the best ways to create a great first impression with them. Everyone wants to feel good and be happy, women gravitate to men who make them feel happy. So be funny around and with a girl that you are attracted to because it will definitely get them attracted to you as it’s scientifically proven to be human nature.
  4. Be Confident – A man will score higher points than a woman if he walks and talks with confidence. Approach her, ask for her name, and shake her hand. If you want to hook up, don’t ask if you can do this, just go for it. And if it doesn’t fly, respect her for it but understand it sets the tone of your relationship moving forward and lets her clearly know that you are not a man looking to be in the friend zone with her. A man who goes for what he wants and does so without any pretense or awkwardness will succeed in scoring with the woman.
  5. Smell Good – This is so different than what most men think. The smell is a powerful attraction or distraction. If you go around some male buddies with some great-smelling cologne, they may laugh at you. Flip that over, and if you pass by a woman or a group of women smelling the exact same way and you are bound to get noticed and compliments.

    Alan Hirsh, director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation at the University of Chicago, told Cosmopolitan that odors related to sex are able to stimulate a part of the brain that is connected to feelings of sexual desire. Women are attracted to men that smell good. However, overdoing it can be an issue for some women.
This Shows You How To Get Any Woman To Want You!
  • 6. Listen more than you speak – Girls can tell when you’re not listening to them and are only pretending. If you want to be better at talking to girls, try just being there and making eye contact but also making them the center of attention by giving them your full attention. Discuss what she’s interested in rather than your own goals and desires, and you’ll feel satisfied after the conversation. A great way to keep the conversation moving is to provide brief but main points to answer the question she asks but also always follow your answer with a question about her. Constantly keeping the attention and focus on her goes a long way.
  • 7. Be a Gentleman – Be nice, but not overly accommodating if you want to score with her. You should do simple things for her and always treat her with respect, which will make your chances of success much greater. There is a difference between being accommodating and being a doormat. Maintain a balance between acting like a sweetheart and still maintaining your manliness.
  • 8. Be Cool And Natural – Don’t interact with her incessantly on social networks such as TicTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Don’t send more than one text at a time, if she doesn’t respond to your text then start from the beginning, if you’re still interested in her and give up if she isn’t responding via text messaging or Chat. If you’re too forward and seem desperate, or are acting creepy, by texting or doing a social post about them without a clear response that they are interested in hearing from you, people will just avoid you. It’s only cute when puppies do it so be sure to blend in more often than not.
  • 9. Be Humble – The key to getting girls is being confident and not cocky. Women don’t care about how much money you have, or how many other women you have slept with. If you are arrogant they will turn away from you. Instead of seeking approval and validation, simply be yourself which will speak for itself.
  • 10. Have Patience – Familiarity Breeds Attraction – If a girl says she isn’t ready, be patient and understanding. It’s best to not get mad, pout, beg or throw a temper tantrum – girls can go elsewhere to find work, and they can get paid for the shift they work. The good news is that if you stay cool about it, it’ll happen sooner than either of you think. There was a study that showed the longer people hung around each other the more attractive they become to each other. Being comfortable around someone is one of the easiest ways to go from first base to second base without even making a purposeful effort.
  • 11. Meeting Her Friends For The First Time – If you’ve made it this far and you are at the point where she is inviting you to hang out with her and her friends this can be a big step. Meeting her friends is important because it is more than likely that she is now searching for outside approval or confirmation about you. Women usually turn to their friends to find out if a man is right for them.

    The friendship between the two women makes this opinion even more reliable and powerful, especially when the woman is not sure about her feelings toward the man. You win her friends by using the same steps that you used to get the girl’s attention, except you must include her as part of the conversation. This will show things. #1 you are comfortable and like her friends too.

    This is another trait of being human. We like people who like the things and the people we like. #2 By including her as much as possible without making the conversation awkward, it shows that she is still the focus of your attention despite what is going on around you

Here is the important part of getting in a girl’s pants.

Okay, so you have passed the test and done the work to win her affection. When you are alone, you mention how you are attracted to her. Not awkwardly but in a flattering manner. Next, you step by step, and normally day by day test the limits on where she comfortably allows you to place your hands. Once she shows that where you touch her and what you say is a turn-on to her you have to move forward as it is all but mutually agreed.

The one thing you have to always be mindful of is when she shows apprehension or gives you pushback, it is okay for you to take a step back because again, it is all but mutually agreed where your relationship is going next. Be patient and over a short period of time you’ll notice that she may swing the conversation around to the subject, when that happens move forward.

Move Beyond The Friend Zone With This Proven Attraction Formula
Getting In her Pants Do’sHer Reaction Positive or Negative
Make Her LaughIf she Laughs your doing great. If not – Make Her Laugh
Be Confident And Take ActionMake sure she understands the nature of the relationship
Smell GoodIf she doesn’t mention your cologne, or scented body wash ask her opinion so that she takes notice
Listen To Her The Key To A Great Conversation Is Being A Great Listener. Ask open-ended questions as it allows her to share with you.
Be a GentlemanBe Nice But Not A Pushover
Be CoolDon’t Chase Her. Don’t Send More Than One Text Until She Responds. Don’t blast any information about you two over social media after you first meet.
Stay HumbleBe confident enough to laugh at yourself and compliment others. Remember the spotlight should not be on you right now.
Be PatienceOnce you’ve made introductions and gotten her to laugh and talk openly with you take your time toward the goal of getting in her pants. It’s always on her terms but you should set the pace with patience.
Meeting FriendsUse the same steps to get her friends to like you, laugh, speak with confidence, smell good, ask open-ended questions and listen to what they have to say. Remember this very well could be the final step before she is ready to move the relationship to the next level of intimacy.

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